Breast cancer rehabilitation - the ENHANCE program


This is a specialised program for women with localised breast cancer. Patients attend the program both during and following the completion of their acute treatment. It is specifically tailored to women experiencing physical limitations such as fatigue and loss of strength, and any emotional issues related to the treatment or their future following breast cancer.

The program is designed to empower women to regain their sense of self and to:


  • assist the physical, functional and/or emotional challenges that may arise as a consequence of treatment
  • identify and modify lifestyle behaviours in order to improve quality of life and minimise the risk of cancer recurrence
  • provide education and self reflection activities to ensure patients are aware of their individual needs and develop strategies to address these
  • be flexible and tailored to meet the individual needs of patients
  • link patients into local services and supports.


Enhance is delivered by an extensive clinical team including specialist rehabilitation physician, breast care nurse, exercise physiologist, psychologist, dietitian, social worker, occupational therapist and physiotherapist.



The program involves three elements:


  1. A multidisciplinary assessment:

    a one hour medical assessment

    a one hour psychologic
    al assessment
    a one hour physical/functional assessment

  2. Group program – two hours per week for eight weeks. Each session comprises one hour of exercise and one hour of education.

  3. One to one therapy – individual treatment for patients as required



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