Group Executive

Professor Andrew Stripp

Group Chief Executive
Group Executive

Scott Bulger

Executive Director, Epworth Medical Foundation
Group Executive

Kate Gillan

Executive Director, Clinical Services and Chief Nursing Officer
Group Executive

Louise Kanis

Chief Communications & Engagement Officer
Group Executive

Karen Lowe

Chief People Officer

Group Executive

Matt Malone

Chief Information Officer

Group Executive

Jenny Patton

Chief of Strategy and Performance
Group Executive

Associate Professor Owen Roodenburg

Executive Director, Academic & Medical Services / Group Chief Medical Officer

Group Executive

Natasha Toohey

Chief Operating Officer, Hospitals

Group Executive

Alex Young

Executive Director Finance & Business Services/Chief Financial Officer

Our leadership

Epworth Board of Management

Epworth Foundation consists of a Board of Management and has no shareholders. The objects and powers of Epworth Foundation are set out in the Act. 

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