Our patients are at the centre of everything we do.

Our Find a Doctor directory allows you to contact an Epworth accredited specialist for a GP to refer to.

Alternatively, you may prefer to print a full list of specialists grouped by speciality at each hospital location.

A referral from your GP, a Specialist or other health professional is required to access most Epworth services and some can be called directly by the patient including our:

  • Allied Health Clinic
  • Breast Services
  • GP Clinic
  • Jean Hailes at Epworth Freemasons
  • Men’s Health Clinic
  • Jean Hailes at Epworth Freemasons
  • Jreissati Family Pancreatic Centre at Epworth
  • Epworth Sports and Exercise Medicine Group

Services and clinics

The following services accept referrals directly to the clinic.

  • Emergency - Phone: 03 9506 3000
  • 62 Erin Street
  • Richmond
  • Operating hours: Open 24 hours and patients can self-refer.
  • Expenses: Some out of pocket expenses apply

Breast Clinics

Cardiac services

Colposcopy Clinic at Epworth Freemasons

Your GP will give you a referral and then you can make an appointment by calling 03 9418 8162 and our team will book you in for the earliest available time. Alternatively, you can email [email protected] for further information.

GP referral forms

Jreissati Family Pancreatic Centre

  • Phone: 03 9426 8880
  • Mobile: 0428 658 039
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Fax: 03 9426 6054
  • GP Referral Forms:


  • Phone: 1300 46 REHAB
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Online: Digital referral form (PDF, 79KB)
  • Hospital transfer: To arrange for the Epworth Rehabilitation External Assessment Team to visit your hospital, please call: 0418 361 788

Epworth Sleep unit

  • Form: referral form (PDF, 126KB)
  • Epworth Camberwell and Epworth Richmond
    Phone: 03 9805 4208
    Fax: 03 9882 6696
  • Epworth Geelong
  • Phone: 03 5271 7711
    Fax: 03 5271 7700

Epworth Clinic (Mental Health services)

Oncology services

Lung cancer (Eastern Thoracic Oncology Service)

  • Phone: 0407 849 579
  • Form: EThOS referral form (PDF, 147KB)
  • Specialist: Refer to an EThOS doctor
  • Phone or fax referrals will be assessed by our dedicated EThOS nurse and triaged to the most appropriate team member

Diagnostic services

Cardiac Diagnostic Services

Epworth Richmond Cardiac Diagnostic Services

Epworth Geelong Cardiac Diagnostic Services

Radiology (Provided by Epworth Medical Imaging)

  • Phone: 03 9516 2244 for appointments
  • Phone: 03 5271 7183 for access to online web images or to order referral pads
  • Form: Epworth Medical Imaging radiology request (PDF, 59KB)
  • Located at Epworth Richmond, Epworth Freemasons and Epworth Geelong. 


Referral Form:

  • Epworth Eastern, Epworth Freemasons & Epworth Richmond: Endoscopy referral form (PDF, 119KB)
  • Epworth Geelong: Endoscopy referral form (40KB)
  • Once the form is received via fax, Epworth will contact the patient to arrange an appointment.

Julia Argyrou Endometriosis Centre at Epworth

  • Phone: 03 9516 2434
  • Fax: 03 9429 4947
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Julia Argyrou Endometriosis Centre at Epworth GP Referral Forms

Centre for Immunotherapies and Snowdome Laboratories


  • At Epworth Eastern: 03 9890 0889
  • At Epworth Freemasons: 03 9418 0074
  • At Epworth Richmond: 03 9429 2222
  • Services are provided by Epworth Pathology, in partnership with Melbourne Pathology