• Doctors fees

    Please contact your doctor’s office should you have a question regarding doctor fees.

    It is your right to ask for information in writing regarding a doctors professional fees before you receive any service or agree to a proposed treatment.

    Additional fees may include surgeon fees, surgical assistants, anaesthetists, medical services, imaging and other specialists.

  • Anaesthetist fees

    Both Medicare and private health insurance contribute to anaesthesia costs. Contact your anaesthetist to get an estimate of fees and your relevant MBS item numbers.

    As coverage for anaesthetist fees will vary according to your health fund policy, please get in touch with your provider and quote the fee estimate your anaesthetist has provided to you and the relevant MBS item numbers in order to receive an accurate estimate of the cost your fund will cover.

  • Hospital fees

    This covers the cost of your accommodation while you are in hospital. The fees include non-medical services, such as catering and housekeeping. It may also include fees for the use of an operating theatre or other hospital facilities while you are in hospital. It is not always possible to predict what the fees will be as an unexpected surgery or referral may be necessary.

    Your hospital fee is generally covered by your health fund, with the exception of excesses, co-payments and exclusions associated with your level of insurance cover.

  • Emergency Department fees

    Epworth Geelong - Emergency Department fees

    Initial consultation fees

    All private emergency departments will charge a flat fee for your treatment that is not claimable under Medicare or private health insurance.

    Epworth Geelong charges a flat fee of $225 for an initial patient consultation.

    Out-of-pocket expenses

    Depending on your treatment, you may also incur out-of-pocket pathology or radiology costs on top of initial consultation fees. A portion of these may be claimable under Medicare.

    Fees for international patients

    An initial consultation fee applies to international patients. International patients who don’t hold a valid Medicare card will incur higher fees.

    Other associated fees must be paid up front.

    Please contact us for more information.

    Epworth Richmond - Emergency Department fees

    Epworth Richmond

    Epworth Richmond charges a flat fee of $350 per patient. This out-of-pocket fee is not claimable under Medicare or private health insurance.

    Depending on your treatment, you may also incur pathology or radiology costs which are on top of the out-of-pocket fee. If you hold a Medicare card, a portion of these will be claimable under Medicare.

  • Payment of account

    You will be contacted by the hospital prior to your admission to inform you of any estimated out-of-pocket expenses that may apply to you. This may include excesses, co-payments and additional costs. All out-of-pocket expenses are required to be paid prior to or on your admission.

    Please remember to bring a form of payment with you upon your admission.

    Epworth accepts Visa, MasterCard, cash, bank cheques and EFTPOS.

    We do not accept American Express, Diners Card or personal cheques. If paying by card, please ensure any daily or transactional withdrawal limits are sufficient to settle your account.

  • What if I still have account enquiries?

    You can submit an Account enquiry online, contact one of our friendly patient service teams who can answer any further queries you may have:

    Epworth Cliveden

    Phone: 03 9419 7122
    Email: [email protected]

    Epworth Eastern and Eastern Kew

    Phone: 03 8807 7772
    Email: [email protected]

    Epworth Freemasons

    Phone: 1800 337 453
    Email: [email protected]

    Epworth Hawthorn

    Phone: 03 9415 5720
    Email: [email protected]

    Epworth Richmond

    Phone: 03 9426 8844
    Email: [email protected]