Epworth Richmond



Epworth Richmond
89 Bridge Road, Richmond VIC 3121 Australia


  • Phone: 03 9426 6666

  • Fax: 03 9427 0353

Emergency Department and Kids' Emergency Department
Enter via 62 Erin Street, Richmond VIC 3121


Open 24 hours every day of the year, including public holidays



Epworth Richmond is Victoria’s largest not-for-profit private hospital group, renowned for excellence in diagnosis, treatment and care of medical conditions, and rehabilitation.

Our specialities


We specialise in cardiac care, neurosciences, orthopaedics, cancer, ear-nose-throat, general medicine and surgery. We now also offer specialist paediatrics emergency and dedicated paediatrics  ward, caring for kids and adolescents.

At Epworth Richmond our focus is the delivery of excellent patient care with compassion and dignity. We aim to provide the best in diagnosis, treatment, clinical care and services for all our patients.


Your care

When you come to Epworth Richmond, we consider every aspect of your care. In addition to your medical needs, this also means caring about your physical comfort, communication and other needs. As we continue to redevelop our hospital, we are moving towards increasing the availability of private accommodation to provide our patients with added comfort. 


Importantly, all ancillary services, including pathology, medical imaging and pharmacy, are all conveniently available under the one roof. 


We work closely with Melbourne, Deakin and Monash universities on research and clinical training. Research is vital to improving the quality of care for our patients and we support our researchers to discover new and better ways to treat patients, unravel disease pathways and facilitate clinical breakthroughs.  Our involvement with national and international medical trials allows us to offer advanced treatments not otherwise available. 


Our facilities are second to none and we have a strong track record of investing in new technology, 


Allied Health Clinic at Epworth Richmond is an allied health private practice offering swallowing assessment and therapy (videofluoroscopy) and communication assessment and therapy (including voice therapy and accent modification) . 


Please visit our services for a comprehensive list of all the services we offer at Epworth Richmond. 


With close to 47,000 admissions, the largest private emergency department in Victoria, more than 2,400 staff members and 1,200 accredited visiting specialists, Epworth Richmond is a leading health care provider in Australia.


Epworth Richmond's new Lee Wing


Under our long-term plan, we are redesigning, upgrading and expanding the hospital to provide more services, reach more patients and exceed the latest expectations of our patients and visitors. 


Lee Wing, opened in  2016, and is located on the corner of Erin Street and Leigh Place, Richmond (behind the main hospital building). Lee Wing was built with patients in mind, co-locating related services, providing high-standard private accommodation and improving access for patients, their families and visitors. 


From a medical perspective, Lee Wing brings together the best of medical technology, including state-of-the-art operating theatres, emergency department, intensive care unit and cardiac unit.  For the patient, this means improved clinical care, less waiting time and improved comfort.

Epworth Richmond’s Lee Wing provides:

  • expanded emergency department with 35 treatment spaces and dedicated fast-track area
  • 26-bed intensive care unit
  • 39-bed acute cardiac unit and cardiac high dependency unit six new operating theatres including a hybrid biplane operating theatre
  • three levels of inpatient accommodation with 111 private rooms
  • consulting suites for medical specialists
  • five-level underground car park with over 250 spaces
  • The Lee Wing was named after major donors Mr and Mrs PS Lee.
  • ​The new Lee Wing was named after major donors Mr and Mrs PS Lee.​