Epworth Graduate program

Why choose Epworth

At Epworth, we care. We care about our patients and about our people. We care about career development and progression and nurturing potential. We care about innovating; staying ahead of the field. And we care about giving all our people the support and flexibility they need to thrive in our growing, fast-paced and ever-changing organisation.

Top 5 reasons to join Epworth:

  1. We are Victoria’s largest not-for-profit private hospital group.
  2. We are renowned for excellence in diagnosis, treatment, care and rehabilitation.
  3. We embrace the latest in evidence-based medicine to pioneer treatments and services to patients.
  4. We care for our patients throughout their lifespan across more than 40 specialty areas.
  5. We invest all surplus funds into services.

Creating a career as a Graduate

As a recent or soon-to-be graduate, you may know exactly where you want your career to go, or you might still be exploring the possibilities. Choosing to work with Victoria’s largest not-for-profit hospital group provides you with endless opportunity to define your career. Working with Epworth you can transition to high levels of independence and strive for excellence in your clinical practice.

Program highlights

Nine out of ten Graduate Nurses continue working with Epworth once they’ve completed their graduate programs. We put this down to the support, work experience and education you receive as part of the program.

Focusing on acute care and rehabilitation, you’ll find yourself experiencing:

  • An extensive orientation to set you up for success
  • Various rotations across your 12-month program
  • A structured and challenging clinical learning environment that’s supportive and filled with variety
  • A structured theory component including five development days to share learnings 
  • Additional education programs including in-services, workshops, seminars and clinical simulations
  • Ongoing collaboration with education and clinical staff to help shape your experience
  • A sense of belonging through collegiality and shared values


  • Find out more about…

    Enrolled Nurse Graduate Program

    The Enrolled Nurse Graduate Program is an intense but rewarding opportunity that gives you the chance to experience an acute care setting unmatched by any other organisation. Offering 1 or 2 rotations across most clinical units, you can tailor your program to meet your own clinical and situational needs. This program aims to facilitate an increase in your knowledge and skills to perform well in an area of high complexity and to feel confident, competent and valued. To support you further, this program includes a structured theory component including five development days to share learnings.

    Epworth HealthCare EN Information Session - Recording

    Registered Nurse Graduate Program

    This program facilitates your transition to become a confident and competent registered nurse by providing a 12-month program that is flexible and tailored for you. The program operates across five Epworth sites and offers a choice of rotations including general surgery, plastics, thoracics, vascular, neurosurgery, orthopaedic surgery, cardiac, paediatric, day surgery, gynaecology, urology, rehabilitation, mental health, emergency, medical, oncology, Peri-Operative and other specialties.

    Epworth HealthCare GNP Information Session - Recording

    Mental Health Nurse Program

    This program facilitates your transition into mental health nursing by providing comprehensive specialist education and 12 months of acute clinical experience at Epworth Clinic, Camberwell. You will complete two 6-month rotations between acute mental health care and acute aged mental health along with opportunities for exposure to Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, Electroconvulsive Therapy and Group Psychological Therapy.

    Epworth HealthCare Mental Health GNP Information Session - Recording

    Registered Midwife Program

    During the 12-month program, you will be supported to strive for the highest standards of practice and to become experienced, analytical midwives.  You will gain experience across birth suite, post-natal ward and special care nursery. There’s also the opportunity for you to include an additional 6-month rotation in acute medical or surgical if you’ve completed your double degree.

    Epworth HealthCare Maternity GNP Information Session - Recording

    Perioperative Graduate Nurse Program

    This full-time 12-month specialty program, provides you a graduate opportunity to enter into one of the most employable disciplines in nursing! Completing two rotations in either the scrub / scout area or post anaesthetic care unit and anaesthetics you’ll be exposed to a multitude of different procedures every day. Working in one of 50 operating theatres, you will work alongside a team of highly renowned specialist surgeons.

    Epworth HealthCare Perioperative GNP Information Session – Recording

  • Key dates for you to know

    Enrolled Nurse Graduate Program Application Dates

    Applications for our 2022 Enrolled Nurse Graduate Program open via our careers site from Monday 18 October - Wednesday 17 November 2021. Interviews will be conducted using an online platform.

    Registered Nurse Graduate Program Application Dates

    Applications for our 2022 Registered Nurse & Midwifery Graduate Programs now closed.

    Information Sessions

    An information session for our 2022 Enrolled Nurse Graduate Program will take place on 12 October 2021 from 3.00-4.00pm. Sign up now

    Intake Dates

    Graduate Program intake dates differ across the year depending on the program and the site. During the interview process, you will be given a preference of program commencement.

  • Locations where you will be

    Enrolled Nurse Program:

    • Endorsed Nurse: Epworth Geelong, Epworth Eastern, Epworth Freemasons, Epworth Richmond.

    Registered Nurse Program:

    • Registered Nurse: Epworth Geelong, Epworth Eastern, Epworth Freemasons, Epworth Richmond, Rehabilitation (Epworth Brighton, Epworth Hawthorn, Epworth Richmond, Epworth Camberwell), Epworth Clinic (Epworth Camberwell).
    • Mental Health Nurse: Epworth Clinic (Epworth Camberwell).
    • Registered Midwife: Epworth Freemasons.

    Specialty Nurse Program:

    • Perioperative Nurse: Epworth Eastern, Epworth Freemasons, Epworth Geelong, Epworth Richmond.
    • Midwifery: Epworth Freemasons.

    During the application process, you can identify the location where you’d liked to be placed and we’ll make every effort to accommodate your preference.

  • How to see if you’re eligible

    Enrolled Nurse Graduate Program

    To apply, you will need to have:

    • Successfully completed your Diploma of Nursing with an intravenous qualification within the past 12 months, or anticipating completion by March 2022
    • Anticipate AHPRA registration for commencement in 2022
    • Australian Citizenship or Permanent Residency; OR New Zealand Citizenship

    Registered Nurse Graduate Program

    To apply, you will need to have:

    • Be on track for successful completion of a Bachelor Of Nursing/Midwifery in 2021
    • Anticipate AHPRA registration for commencement in 2022
    • Australian Citizenship or Permanent Residency; OR New Zealand Citizenship

    Epworth HealthCare (all sites) will NOT be participating in the Postgraduate Medical Council of Victoria, computer matching process in 2021. All applications for our Graduate Program should be directly submitted via the careers site. Please ensure you make contact with a Graduate Coordinator if you require further information regarding the application process.

  • How you can apply

    Advertising and submission of your application will be through the Epworth’s Careers Portal. To help you prepare, you will need to collect the following documents and upload them as part of your application process:

    • Recent CV
    • Cover Letter
    • Academic Transcript (watermarked)
    • Two (2) recent Clinical Placement Reports (watermarked)
    • Passport sized photograph of yourself

    To answer any questions you may have about the application process, please reach out to the local Graduate Coordinator (PDF 748KB) at the hospital you’re interested in completing your program

  • How to prepare for an interview
  • How long are the programs?

    Epworth Graduate Nurse Programs are 12 months.

  • What support is available?

    You’ll have access to a designated onsite graduate coordinator who you will meet during the recruitment process.

  • What are the working hours?

    In the Graduate programs you’ll be employed on a part-time basis working across a variety of shifts including day, evening and weekend and night duty. Specialty Nurse programs are full time.

  • Do you offer ongoing professional development?

    Once you’ve finished your program, the world is your oyster. If you choose to work with Epworth, in collaboration with major universities, there’s an extensive range of post-graduate and research opportunities available.If you’re uncertain of your career direction, take advantage of the Introduction to Specialty Practice program, Enrolled Nurse short course or Perioperative Introductory Program where you’ll have your clinical knowledge developed, skills and assessments enhanced and improve your clinical decision making. Epworth also runs a multitude of seminars and workshops to continually progress your skills and knowledge in areas of interest.

  • How do I continue to work with Epworth following the completion of my program?

    We hope that you will want to continue working with us when you finish your program. Toward the end of the program, there’s a re-employment process you can enter though we encourage you to mention your intentions to your Graduate Coordinator sooner rather than later. We’ll be very happy to have an ongoing conversation with you and assist in exploring your options and opportunities.

  • Do I need to have completed a placement with Epworth to apply?

    Not at all. Applications are welcome from all students.